The Ryan Blessing Foundation – fighting childhood cancer


Total rasied to date


 Euro by The Ryan Blessing Foundation in memory of our beautiful boy Ryan.

We have lots of people to thank for all their help and support during Ryan’s illness, from the hospital staff who cared for Ryan. To our family and friends who helped raise so far


We started fund raising when Ryan had finished his initial course of treatment & after Ryan passed away in March 2008 we decided to carry on fundraising in Ryans honour and to always cherish memories of him.

 Ryan Blessing  25/10/01 to 8/3/2008

All events that incurred costs such as the rib race around Ireland and the Mount Blanc climb all expenses were paid out of the participants own monies & all funds raised went directly to either the Ronald McDonald House, the Childrens Leukaemia Association & Crumlin Hospital as we always endeavor to pay all expenses ourselves therefore all fund raised go directly to where
they are needed.

Super Nan

Sheila Blessing Ryans grandmother who has raised thousands of euros in memory of Ryan and towards Ryan's foundation. Sheila participates in the Cork City Women's Mini Marathon every year to raise funds for charities most notably Crumlin hospital the Ronald McDonald house and the Mercy hospital in latter years. During Ryan's illness Nana Shiela was always by his side and was always a tower of strength for the whole family.

Conan de Faoite aka "the man with no fear".

Conan has been a fabulous contributor to the Ryan Blessing foundation and a great friend of Jason taking part with Jason & Paudie Kelleher doing several fund raising events and just this year 2022 climbing the UK highest 3 peaks in 24 hrs & then when he came home immediately climbed Irelands highest 3 peaks to raise even more funds for the Ronald Mcdonald House .
Every mountain that Conan has conquered it is customary for Conan to do a head stand on each mountain he has climbed as in the picture below on top of Scafel Pike in the UK a massive thank you to conan for all the funds he has raised over the years.